Of all our accomplishments over the last 75 years, helping our members achieve their dreams is the most rewarding. Hear from some of our members and staff how being part of the RHAND family has impacted their lives.

Ms. Angela Ultima Andrews

Longest Standing Active Member (69 Years Of Membership)

Many years ago, I worked in several different Government offices and was eventually transferred to the Registrar General’s Office. It was then that I joined RHAND.

At the time, the officer for the Credit Union was the Registrar General who was also the President of RHAND. Quite a few persons working there were already members. At the time, I was paid about $120 a month and I saved about $50.00 from that money every month.

I joined RHAND in 1953. After being a member of the Credit Union for a few months, a colleague offered to sell me a piece of land in Santa Cruz and with the money I had been saving, I went to the Credit Union to get a loan to purchase the land and it was approved. I was so grateful. RHAND has helped me to own land and my own home.

At that time, the meetings of the Credit Union were held in the Registrar General Building, and I was approached to join the Credit Committee which I did and served for some years.

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